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Classic V – Water Feature

The Classic V Water Feature Pot is made from Stoneware clay and fired in a kiln.  It is finished with a variety of glazes and oxides resulting in a unique and natural finish.  Available in three sizes – Large, Medium and Small.

These pots, unlike the other three water feature pot designs do not need to sit in water. They can be placed indoors or outdoors on any dry surface. The water pump is placed inside the pot and the water pumped into the ball from there. The gap between the ball and the closed pot allows the water to flow back into the pot.

Product Specifications

HEIGHT:  950 mm
DIAMETER:  780 mm
WEIGHT:  42 kg

HEIGHT:  760 mm
DIAMETER:  500 mm
WEIGHT:  30 kg

HEIGHT:  600 mm
DIAMETER:  400 mm
WEIGHT:  20 kg


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