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Belly Pot (with handles) Water Feature

The Belly Pot is both a feature and a planter pot.  It is  made from Stoneware clay and fired in a kiln and finished with a variety of glazes and oxides resulting in a unique and natural finish.  Available in three sizes – Large, Medium and Small and comes in a plain finish.   This pot is also available as a Feature Pot.

The pot sits in water. It comes with a small sealed hole at the base with a standard fitting that can then be attached to a small water pump, which is placed in the water. If your local hardware store does not keep pumps he can either order one for you or direct you to the best place.

Product Specifications

HEIGHT:  720 mm
DIAMETER:  780 mm
WEIGHT:  78 kg

HEIGHT:  560 mm
DIAMETER:  580 mm
WEIGHT:  59 kg

HEIGHT:  470 mm
DIAMETER:  530 mm
WEIGHT:  43 kg


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