Pizza for the Nation 

If you are a restaurant owner and thinking of adding some delicious pizzas to your menu, Keith Hamilton has the answer to what you are seeking in the form of a Bluestone commercial pizza oven that is capable of preparing 8 to 10 pizzas at once. Nothing tastes as delicious as pizzas that have been prepared properly, and now you can get that unique taste for your restaurant as well.

Pizza has a rich history of origin and development, with the Italians delivering yet another masterpiece that came from humble beginnings. At Keith Hamilton, every commercial and residential pizza oven is built by hand to ensure that every single one is unique and built with loving labour, in order to produce the best and most delicious pizzas. Let us dive into some detail regarding these ovens.

Simply, the Best Oven 

The Bluestone commercial pizza oven features a dome-like design with a chimney at the top. The cooking platform consists of cooking surface bricks, a metal band to hold the bricks in place, and cement to ensure that no heat escapes the dome. As a result, you are presented with a classic and beautifully finished product to prepare some of the most delicious food mankind ever thought of – pizzas! Once your new oven is installed, you will not only have the proper tools for creating stunning pizzas, but also have one of the most aesthetically pleasing additions to any restaurant.

When completed and installed, the dome design of the commercial pizza oven provides an almost turtle-like look that encourages people to be intrigued and investigate the unique style of the oven, and discover the amazing craftsmanship that went into building the dome. As a result, your restaurant will become a hot topic with lovely smells of Italian food filling the air.

Simply, the Best Pizza 

As any expert would agree, the best way of preparing pizza is by using a proper oven. There are a variety of ovens used in creating this stunning dish, and a variety of methods to get the desired outcome, but one thing is constant through it all, and that is fire. Fire is, by far, the best choice for supplying heat to your cooking process for the perfect taste. A proper commercial pizza oven should make use of fire to heat the cooking surface and surrounding environment within the oven to a desired temperature before presenting the dough for cooking.

At Keith Hamilton, we have a wide selection of various stone-crafted products, including pizza ovens for residential and commercial use. Feel free to peruse our website for images and details on our available products, or visit our showroom in Sandton to experience them for yourself. Take your restaurant to the next level with authentic pizza, and let our commercial oven serve as something pleasing to the eyes, as well as a much-welcomed addition to your kitchen, whether you prefer indoor or outdoor cooking. For more information on our pizza ovens, contact us directly.