Bluestone Freestanding PRIMO Pizza Ovens

Primo - Large Including Stand

Freestanding PRIMO Pizza Oven – Large

Primo - Large Including Stand

Freestanding PRIMO Pizza Oven – Small

Bluestone Freestanding PRIMO Pizza Oven – Large

The Bluestone Freestanding PRIMO Pizza Ovens are made from a special formulated clay (Keith’s own recipe) designed to withstand very high thermal shock in the firing process. Apart from the chimney and the arch, the pizza oven is made as a single unit – a rare achievement by any standards. This piece is fired in an electric kiln at 1200° C

The beauty about the freestanding pizza ovens is that they can be used on a table or a counter, or you could take it along with you next time you go on an outing. They are easily transportable when the need arises.

The design is elegant yet simple. It is pleasing to the eye and cooks up great pizzas, great roasts, baked bread… you name the dish!

They are available in two sizes and the designs are almost the same. The photograph alongside shows the larger oven.
Click here to see the smaller oven and its specifications.

The Freestanding Pizza Ovens come with a chimney.

Product Specifications

CODE: 000
HEIGHT: 690 mm
DIAMETER: 490 mm at its widest point.


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