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Bluestone Freestanding Fire Place – Mosaic Finish

The Bluestone Freestanding Fire Place – Mosaic Finish is made from a special formulated clay (Keith’s own recipe) designed to withstand very high thermal shock in the firing process. The unit is fired in an electric kiln at 1200° C and can be used indoors or outdoors. It comes with a chimney and an attached metal stand, and will work well outdoors, but if you are looking to place it in a permanent position indoors, then it will need a flue going through the wall or roof. A major plus with the Bluestone Mosaic Fireplace, besides its good looks, is its ability to radiate heat from all sides. It warms up quickly and stays warm long after the fire goes low. It is very efficient and a real asset for any indoor or outdoor setting.

The Fire Place is available in two finishes. The photograph alongside shows the Bluestone Fire Place – Mosaic Finish, which chimney and attached stand. Click here to see the Fire-Clay Fire Place.

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