Bluestone Fires – Braai’s

Braai – 730

The Bluestone Braai – 730 is designed for use as a traditional braai.  Manufactured from Bluestone fire clay, a refractory material that is fired in a kiln at 1200 ̊C and has virtually zero thermal expansion, the braai has two stainless steel eyelets to hold optional braai accessories.  One eyelet has a wing-nut which allows height adjustment of the accessory being used.  Click here to see Accessories.

The table is supplied with a mild steel stopper to prevent the embers falling through the hole at the bottom of the fire bowl. The braai is weather resistant although we suggest the accessories be kept under cover/indoors when not in use.

The mild steel trim may require periodic minor touch-ups.  Alternatively, stainless steel trim is available on order.

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