Boma Fire-Pit – Striped Finish

Boma Fire-Pit – 900 Striped (No Accessories)

The Bluestone Boma Fire-Pit – 900 in a striped style consists of a kiln-fired bowl with bold stripes on the outside and the inside is a smooth dark refractory bowl. It has three stainless steel eyelets (one with a lock-nut) to hold optional mild steel accessories. Click here to see all Accessories.

An ash catcher, and a charcoal grid for the base of the bowl are included with each fire-pit. The Boma Fire-pit is weather resistant although we suggest the accessories be kept under cover/indoors when not in use.  The mild steel trim may require periodic minor touch-ups.

Product Specifications

HEIGHT: 530 mm
DIAMETER: 850 mm
WEIGHT: 200 kg

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Eyelets & Lock-nut For Striped Finish