Artisan Designed & Manufactured Pizza Ovens to Transform Your Entertainment Area & Social Life 

Who says we have to spend the majority of our lives indoors? If you find that you entertain guests inside, and neglect your outdoor space, perhaps it’s time to change things up a bit. With our range of Bluestone Fires pizza ovens, you can now spend more time outdoors with family and friends, enjoying your entertainment area like never before. Gone are the days where time outside meant that you had to have a braai. Now, with outdoor ovens, you can do so much more. Whether you’re making a focaccia, garlic bread, baked pasta or delicious mouth-watering pizza, it can be a fun time that the whole family or group can enjoy.

What sets the Keith Hamilton pizza ovens apart from other, mass-produced alternatives is that they are designed and manufactured by an artisan. Much time, care and attention has been put into the design and manufacturing of the product, which means that you are guaranteed a long-lasting oven that cooks all those wood-fired meals just right, every time.

If you like the smokey, earthy flavour that only an authentic wood-fired oven can achieve, then you will love our Bluestone Fires range. Your new pizza oven won’t just be a new aesthetically pleasing feature for your outside entertainment area, but will also become a workhorse of note. We make sure that every oven that we sell is designed to achieve an “oh wow” from your family, friends and guests. A fire clay formulation that’s unique to Bluestone is used during the manufacturing process, and the refractory materials used greatly reduce the likelihood of cracking. Thermal expansion is a non-issue too, thanks to the manufacturing process. This little fact is the cause of much relief amongst homeowners who have had bad experiences with built-in braais and pizza ovens in the past.

In our range, you will find clad, fire clay and free-standing pizza ovens to choose from. Each of these is designed to offer beautiful forms and undeniable functionality. We can guarantee that! If you would like to find out more about the pizza ovens that we have available, or if you would like to receive a quote on the oven of your choice, simply contact us via email or telephone at Keith Hamilton today.