Delectable Dishes You Can Cook in Your Very Own Keith Hamilton Pizza Oven 

There’s so much more to a pizza oven than just hot, delicious pizza. If you have the opportunity to invest in one for your home, you will be doing yourself, your family, and your friends a massive favour (or should we say, treat!). When you invest in a Keith Hamilton Bluestone Fires pizza oven, you can expect it to impress.

To illustrate just how much you can do with a pizza oven, we have included a few mouth-watering dishes you can prepare once your new unit is installed and in operation. Check them out below for a little inspiration:

  • Bread – stone bake ovens are absolutely ideal for baking bread. It’s best to bake the loaf after the embers are removed and the oven is starting to cool down. The ideal heat for bread is around 100 to 180 degrees Celsius. The loaves can be placed on a baking tray or directly on the floor of the oven, much like a pizza.
  • Roasts – cooking a roast is a great way to lock in flavour and moisture. One particular dish that cooks to perfection in the pizza oven is a leg of lamb. The pizza oven can be used to seal and brown the leg of lamb, or to cook it right through, while maintaining delicate tenderness. Roasting is usually done between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius, and to avoid drying out or overcooking the outside, make sure that you roast the leg of lamb slowly making good use of the retained heat.
  • Lasagne – baked pastas and lasagne are real party-pleasers. They are quick and easy to prepare – just like when you cook them the conventional way. You can then sling them in the pizza oven in an oven-proof dish or pan, or even a tin roasting pan.
  • Roasted veggies – roasted potatoes, butternuts, marrows, and similar are a firm favourite. Whether you are cooking a special dinner for someone or catering to a Sunday family gathering, the pizza oven makes roasting veggies a simple (and social) event. Because a pizza oven can retain heat for many hours, it’s easy to roast veggies slowly at a low temperature, which is ideal if you are hosting a full-day social gathering. Veggies can be cooked with a splash of olive oil and seasoning, and placed in an oven-proof dish, pan, or tin roasting pan.

Keith Hamilton Bluestone Fires Pizza Ovens 

The Keith Hamilton selection includes clad pizza ovens, fire clay pizza ovens, freestanding Primo pizza ovens, and even commercial/restaurant pizza ovens. Bluestone Fires clay is used to manufacture our pizza ovens. The material is Keith’s own recipe and able to withstand high temperatures with very little thermal expansion. If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting outdoor pizza oven for your home, you will benefit from investing in a Keith Hamilton pizza oven. Get yours today!