Outdoor Entertainment Areas Made Better by Keith Hamilton’s Range 

With the South African weather being somewhat sublime nearly all year round, and with the cultural tendency towards outdoor entertainment and braais, outdoor entertainment areas are a popular concept for those living in this country. The market has, however, seen a change over the years. Gone are the days when a simple braai area would suffice, especially for the true South African at-home entertainer. Keith Hamilton’s Bluestone pizza ovens and boma firepits are able to cater to the evolving needs and demands of the modern South African market.

What Makes the Keith Hamilton Range a Must-Have for Modern Outdoor Entertainment Areas? 

Anyone who is familiar with the Keith Hamilton range will know that it’s rather exceptional. For starters, the wood-burning pizza ovens aren’t limited to simply cooking pizzas. In fact, they can also be used to cook a variety of typical oven-type dishes, from complete scrumptious meals featuring your favourite cuts of meat and vegetables, to delectably fresh-baked breads, and pasta dishes. The fact that everything can be cooked in one place leaves the host in a great position to enjoy the social gathering and not miss out on a thing. If the objective is for outdoor areas to be social, the wood-burning pizza ovens accomplish this!

Let’s not forget about Keith Hamilton’s boma firepits. These are certainly a must-have for any outdoor entertainment area where a social atmosphere is required. When utilised simply as a firepit, you can enjoy a great focal point and atmosphere, but with a variety of accessories, the firepit can also be transformed into a braai that is ideal for traditional braais, potjie meals, and even stir-fries, if you use the wok attachment.

Those looking for something different can change things up by opting for a fire slab instead of a boma firepit. These fire slabs double up as great braais, and with the adjustable swing grid and potjie hook, you can host any type of event.

Outdoor entertainment areas in South Africa are centred around being social and sharing. This is why our braais have been a popular option. These can be designed as free-standing braai units, bachelor braais for smaller entertainment spaces, or even as a braai that is set in the centre of a table for the ultimate sharing setup.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas Worthy of Envy Thanks to Keith Hamilton 

In South Africa, everyone seems to be competing for the better entertainment area. With so many braais held for so many occasions and celebrations, it stands to reason that you would like to have the outdoor entertainment area that is the envy of your family, friends, and neighbours. Invest in an entertainment area that you’ll be dying to show off and actually enjoy. Consider Keith Hamilton Bluestone products for the “makeover” of your entertainment area.

If you need more information and advice on the Keith Hamilton range, simply view our catalogue, pay a visit to our showroom in Sandton, or contact us via telephone or email.