Make Authentic Italian Food at Home with Your Pizza Oven 

Are you an adamant lover of Italian food? If you are, you can now bring the authentic taste of properly prepared pizza to your own home with a stunning pizza oven. Now, you can invite your friends and family, build your own pizzas, and prepare them the way they were intended with one of our gorgeous Bluestone pizza ovens. Let’s take a closer look at these stunning ovens.

The Fire-Clay Oven 

Made from a specially formulated clay, these ovens are designed to withstand very high temperatures. The base is designed to represent a dome-like shape, and is moulded as a single unit. The arch at the mouth of the oven and the chimney are added to this single mould of art, to form a stunning fire-clay pizza oven for your home. These ovens are available in two sizes, with two specific dome finishes to complement your taste.

Firstly, we have the smaller version that is 660 mm in height, which includes the chimney. The outside front-to-back depth is 845 mm, with the outside left-to-right width measuring in at 760 mm, resulting in a pizza oven that is compact and effective. The overall weight is 50 kg, if you choose the fire-clay finish, and 72 kg, if you choose the cement finish.

If you are expecting to make many pizzas, the larger pizza oven could be right up your alley. The outside depth is increased to a solid 1 000 mm, with the outside width being 970 mm. The overall height, including the chimney, reaches 880 mm, which is a manageable size, and perfect for cooking pizzas or baking bread. With the fire-clay finish, the larger model weighs in at 70 kg, while the cement finish bumps the scale up to 88 kg overall.

Other Variants 

Apart from the fire-clay models, Keith Hamilton also makes clad pizza ovens, as well as freestanding PRIMO models that can be perfect for your home. Should you be looking for a commercial solution, Keith also has a version that can cook up to 10 pizzas at the same time – saving you time and money in the process.

You cannot go wrong when you choose one of Keith Hamilton’s pizza ovens for your home. With years of vast knowledge and experience, combined with excellent craftsmanship, you are guaranteed to have an aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen or backyard, depending on where you wish to use it. Every oven is unique, due to the handcrafted nature of the dome, providing unique features to appreciate upon closer investigation.