Fire Pits and Fire Slabs from the Keith Hamilton Range – A Worthy Investment! 

Fire pits and fire slabs can transform any outdoor entertainment space into a much loved and used area of the home. Whether you’re working with a courtyard, veranda, patio, or garden, a fire pit or fire slab will be a great addition. There are various designs to choose from –  one only has to browse Pinterest for a few minutes to get a plethora of design ideas to base your fire pit and entertainment area on.

Regardless of your intended entertainment area design or setup, we have just the fire pits and fire slabs you need to put it all together. There’s something quite exceptional about the Keith Hamilton range of fire pits and slabs, and it’s not just that the Bluestone fire clay that they are manufactured from has almost zero thermal expansion. Yes, that’s a great selling point, but there are so many more reasons why a fire pit or fire slab from Keith Hamilton is a worthy investment.

For starters, our products aren’t made from cement. They are made from clay, which immediately makes them more durable than the cement alternatives. When you purchase a fire pit or fire slab, you obviously want it to last, and for this to be the case, you have to make wise choices from the start. Choose clay products for durability.

There’s no such thing as mass production at Keith Hamilton. Time and effort have gone into creating each of our fire pits and fire slabs by hand. Once they are formed, they are fired in a kiln at 1 200 degrees Celsius, which is just the right amount of heat to strengthen the product and add to its durability.

If you’re proudly South African, like we are, you will want to invest in superior-quality South African products, which is precisely what you will get when buying any of our products at Keith Hamilton. We all know that just a few added accessories (or essentials, rather) can really enhance your fire pit or fire slab. For this very reason, we go the extra mile for our clients and include charcoal grids and ash catchers with each and every fire pit and slab sold. If you’re looking for extra braai accessories, we can recommend that you consider potjie pot hooks, wok arms, and adjustable swing grids, all of which will quite easily attach to the fire pits and slabs that we sell.

For more information and advice on our product range, we welcome you to get in touch with us via email or telephone at Keith Hamilton today.

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