Serve the Best Pizzas in Town with Keith Hamilton’s Commercial Pizza Oven 

If you love a finely crafted pizza, you are not alone. Almost everybody does. While shopping around for pizza ovens, you have probably heard of the extensive range of domestic pizza ovens available at Keith Hamilton, and wondered if there’s a commercial one that’s just as good. And yes, there actually is! Now, thanks to Keith Hamilton’s Bluestone Fires range, you can find a pizza oven that is ideal for commercial use.

Commercial pizza ovens have their place in a busy restaurant, pub, or fast-food environment. Keith Hamilton’s commercial pizza oven is one that offers superior quality and durability. The unit is an authentic wood-burning pizza oven and is able to cook 8 to 10 pizzas at a time, as well as add a delectably smoky and earthy flavour to pizzas and any other dishes prepared within it.

The Benefits of the Bluestone Fires Commercial Pizza Oven 

The design of the Bluestone commercial pizza oven from Keith Hamilton is inspired by South African cooking. The clay used in the manufacturing process, which is Keith’s own special recipe, is called Bluestone fireclay. This is a refractory material which offers exceptional durability and the ability to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures with almost no thermal expansion. Heat retention is also one of the great features of this commercial pizza oven, which means that less wood is required to get a steady stream of pizzas out, thereby not keeping anyone waiting too long for their food.

Why Keith Hamilton’s Commercial Pizza Oven is the Right Choice for Your Business 

Why is the commercial pizza oven from Keith Hamilton the perfect choice? That’s an easy question to answer. This pizza oven offers superior quality! There is a lot of pressure on establishments that sell wood-fired pizzas to make a delicious pizza. Everyone is looking for the best pizza in town, so how can your restaurant or commercial business compete with the best if you don’t have the right tools and equipment at your disposal? Yes, the quality of the produce that you use to create the pizza is important, but the way in which it’s cooked can also make all the difference. The benefits of Keith’s commercial pizza ovens are, however, not just centred around their functionality. All of his work is designed and created to be aesthetically pleasing, which means that you can place your pizza oven in full view of the customers in your restaurant, and be proud to show off this carefully crafted piece of artwork.

Make your pizzas the Keith Hamilton way and you certainly won’t regret it. To find out more about our commercial pizza oven, we welcome you to get in touch with us. Simply take the time to send us an email or give us a call for more info.