Frequently Asked Questions

We use our own stoneware clay and various glazes.

With a nylon kitchen brush and dishwashing liquid when it has cooled down.

Quality materials are used and treated to protect against normal rusting, but in the course of time, as rust develops on any metal and will require minor maintenance, it can maintained with anti-rust paint.

All the accessories fit neatly on to the pitfires and braais by means of metal casings and pins. The accessories should be used as normal cooking implements.

Store them indoors to protect them from the weather when not in use.

The only difference is in the length of the legs. Boma pitfires have short legs and braais have long legs.

Make your fire on top of the charcoal grid provided and keep it inside the bowl of the boma pitfire or braai. Fire should not be allowed to burn on the top tiled rim.

They may be cleaned with a nylon kitchen brush and dishwashing liquid.

The steel portions of the boma pitfire and braai and the steel accessories may require occasional maintenance. Clean with a wire brush and remove all trace of rust. Repaint using an anti-rust paint which is available from any hardware store. Do not put food on to paint.

Occasionally touch up the paint on the steel if required. Wash with soap and water and nylon brush when cool.

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Yes we delivery locally. If you wish to know the cost of a delivery to your address please email us